Your property rented through Scriblum

Scriblum specialises in rentals to a selected market of academics, published authors, writers, artists, musicians and journalists in search of accommodation in which to complete their work. If you have an apartment, villa or room in any country and location that you think will be suitable for our clients, choose from the following insertion and promotional plans.
What We Offer
Our clients are university professors, authors, journalists, artists, musicians, composers and all those involved in creative work and advanced learning. We also deal with groups of creative people and mature students looking for shared accommodation in lovely locations where they can complete their work and theses.
Scriblum has two methods of marketing:

1) We do general promotions of the scriblum.com web site in the major search engines, on selected web sites and in selected print magazines. Clients then come to the Scriblum web site, view your property, and contact you for enquiries and booking. This service is offered to all property owners and is covered in options A and B below.

2) In addition to the general marketing, we send targeted promotional communications to selected organisations, such as universities, writers groups, artist societies and clubs. When we receive an enquiry through this special marketing, we deal with everything and take a booking if the client is interested. This is a premium service that Scriblum offers only to owners with suitable property. Please see option C below.


You independently upload and rent your property via Scriblum for just 55 Euro a year
You can open an account and upload your property yourself on our site. It will be presented through us and promoted through the site to all the major search engines and websites You will deal with enquiries and contacts yourself, and take booking-payments securely through the site, or by any means you choose. 
Included in this service:
  • Automated secure online booking via PayPal or credit card
  • Real-time booking calender
  • Unlimited images (we recommend 5 to 10 images for user-friendliness)
  • As much text description as you want
  • Location information with Google Maps
  • Currency converter
  • Direct communication with prospective clients (your contact details appear on the web-site)
  • Multi-language support (you can enter translations of your descriptions)
  • Possibility to add extra promotions for your property (featured listings etc.)
For this service, we ask just 55 Euro a year. 
B) Scriblum upload-service:
First year ONLY, 85 Euro. Thereafter, 55 Euro per year (as in A) above)
If you want Scriblum to put up the property on the web-site, a good option is to send us images and give us the necessary information about your property and your contact details. Scriblum will then insert the property and promote it via the web site. This service is useful if you don't have the time or are not familiar with the Internet. We will conduct the work in accordance with you, you can talk to us on the telephone to make sure we meet your concerns and requirements.

After we put it up on the web-site, you will deal directly with enquiries and contacts yourself, as in option A).
For this insertion service we ask a first year fee of 85 Euro for the work involved, including first year site payment of 55 Euro. After the first year you then pay only 55 Euro a year for maintenance and promotion of your property-page, as in option A).
C) Scriblum's "Promote and Book" Service
Scriblum promotes your property directly to a targeted market of Universities, Writers' Circles and Artist Societies AND takes PAID reservations on your behalf. This service is on a commission only basis, at 20% per confirmed booking made by Scriblum.
This is an advantageous service offering special promotions, but can only be offered to owners who meet the necessary requirements (see below). 
As a premium service, after you have placed your property on the website using either option 1) or 2), Scriblum offers to market your property through email, web advertising and targeted phone calls, with no charge to you. In this service we find a tenant for your property, take a booking and payment, and pay the money into your account.
This means that you do not have to worry about dealing with emails, phone calls or communication in different languages, Scriblum does it all for you.
For the additional special promotion and the convenience of this service, Scriblum takes just 20% commission when we have a confirmed booking. The owner does not have to pay us any money directly, we subtract it from the payments we receive for the booking.
Please note:
1) This service is only available to owners who upload all the necessary information for their property. This allows Scriblum to have all the information to make a quick booking, without the need to contact you (the owner) for any further information that the client might request. The only communication Scriblum will have with you is to check availability, and to inform you of a confirmed (paid) booking.
2) Owners will still need to pay the annual subscription fee (€55) for being on the website, and benefiting from the general marketing and promotions that the website receives.
For this special promotions service Scriblum deducts 20% from the total rental amount for the booking. Please remember that Scriblum does all the work of communicating with the client, including translations, booking confirmation and receiving of payment.