Creative Share

We host accommodation for writer's, scholars, artists and musicians looking for a suitable and inspiring location to work on their projects.

Occasionally however, instead of working alone, creative people require some sort of community of the like minded. The solitude of creative work is necessary at most times, but equally so are fellowship and "creative sustenance"

Scriblum's Creative Share for writers provides this, offering writers and artists and all creative people a method of organising and sharing a rental, a rather superb way of obtaining fellowship and creative camaraderie. As most creative people will know, it is quite difficult at times, and also perhaps an imposition, to share creative ideas with others not creatively engaged. And because most people are not in fact seriously creatively engaged, being an artist and especially a writer can at times be onerous, despite the rewards. That is probably one important reason why creative writing courses are popular, and not just for the simple fact people wish to learn and improve writing skill. 

Read the Scriblum blog post on creatively sharing accommodation with other writers!

Coming soon

Soon you will be able to browse notices of others organising a share, or place a free notice if you are looking to organise one. The best way to place a notice is to select a property that you like and think will be suitable for a group of people, and then create your notice, providing details about the property and a link to it (simply copy and paste the URL). Once you have found enough people, you can rent the property by each making an equal (or appropriate) payment using our secure online payment gateway on this site.

Share participants are not required to be prior acquaintances, though it is expected that all participants are engaged in creative work.

Good luck and have fun!