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Take a writing vacation at various hideaways in cottages, B&B, villas, apartments and shacks around the world. Search Writers Rentals

Creative Share

Creative Share

On a shared retreat writers and artists share the cost of a rental, work in solitude and independence, yet benefit from social contact if and when desired.

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The Diogenes

The Diogenes

A Cure for Procrastination. We are pleased to offer the austere and inhospitable accommodation known as The Diogenes, a small and minimally appointed dwelling provided with occasional lighting and running water.

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Listing plans

Listing plans

We are looking for property owners who have accommodation suitable for sharing among writers in need of a writing retreat. Sharing would be for 4 to 10 people at a time, for periods of a week or longer.

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Appartments recently added

Take a writing vacation at various hideaways in cottages, B&B, villas, apartments and shacks around the world.

casa de luca ceraso-salerno

Villa - Casa De Luca

Campania - Salerno - Ceraso

villa wenner pellezzano-salerno

Villa Wenner

Campania – Salerno - Pellezzano

le farfalle-abbruzzo

Le Farfalle

Abruzzo - Chieti - Casoli


Some writers/artists who rented some apartments in Italy for vacation.

lennart art

Lennart Art

Since 2006 Lennart has been coming to Ascea - Italy, painting prolifically, and leaving much of his work behind, claiming he has too much to carry. His solution is to offer some of his paintings, principally colour abstract works of fine elegance, for sale to appreciators.

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james wilkinson

James Wilkinson

James stayed at the Gardens of Minerva writer's apartment on the Amalfi Coast - Italy in early 2012, to finish his first novel, The Shadow.

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lydia marouf

Lydia Marouf

Architectural and stained glass artist Lydia found a retreat an accomodation in Marina di Ascea - Italy, where she completed the art work for several designs currently being commissioned in the UK.

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We're delighted to mention or display work you've completed during a rental/holiday.

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